Nonprofit Spotlight

Compassionate Kind

We’re about helping nonprofits and other public service-oriented organizations do their best in serving others, including animals. Such organizations can learn from each other in order to achieve greater heights. We’ve added the Spotlight column to our newsletter toward that end. Featured in this issue for their exemplary work is the COMPASSIONATE KIND FOUNDATION.

Compassion Kind is a global humanitarian and animal welfare organization inspiring global citizens to extend their circle of compassion to all kinds, both people and animals. Based in the US (Florida) their direct reach has extended as far away as Africa, where they have undertaken a range of far-reaching initiatives. 

Inspired by a deep sense of compassion, they envision “a world with less suffering and more compassion; a conscious culture that extends its circle of compassion to all kinds regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or species”.  Their stated mission

is “to cultivate compassionate change and minimize suffering for all kind through advocacy, education, disaster relief and community projects”. 

As an example of their work in support of animals, they reacted swiftly in creating a support program for those in Puerto Rico hard hit by last year’s hurricane season. Following the ferocious effects of Hurricane Maria, those animals not killed were left behind to fend for themselves. Some were chained and tied to whatever was left of their house. They were starving and dying. An outreach team was formed by Compassionate Kind to undertake a concerted rescue effort, including the establishment of housing in Puerto Rico and Florida. The undertaking continues. As part thereof, because of their work since Hurricane Maria, the mayor has allowed them to keep a city building and turn it into a full-time animal shelter for animals in desperate need of help.

Their Facebook page is loaded with examples of their work in the mainland US, including many and varied events, rescue activities, videos and the design and sale of Compassionate Kind apparel.

Farther from home, in Africa, an example of their work includes saving Wild Dogs in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, with the goal of minimizing human-wildlife conflict between the dogs and villagers through education and prevention. 

The organization is a MODEL in multiple respects, among them its ability to start from scratch and in short order become a high impact organization; its commitment to stretch resources and put all to work in needed support of animals; the determination of its volunteers and founder; the open and collaborative approach taken in their work; and their effective use of a range of Internet marketing tools and approaches (as can be seen through its Website, Facebook page and other social media outlets) -- all driven by the powerful values of compassion and kindness.

Their approach is embodied in this statement:

• “We approach each and every situation with an open mind. We work to build respect and trust with the partners, communities, and countries we work in. With their acceptance, we build a plan together to meet the most pressing issues. We listen, learn, and solve the needs together. We look for solutions that are integrated, scaleable, and sustainable. At Compassion Kind, we work with governments, institutions, local leaders, civil society organizations, foundations, and businesses around the world to ensure that the most vulnerable beings are heard, and that they get the assistance they need to sustain from within the communities. Our teams and partners advocate for capacity building training and grass roots techniques so we make a lasting impact, create measurable change, and operate as efficiently as possible.”

We send kudos to the organization and to its amazing Founder, Aja-Nikiya Estro who notes: “Compassion is the way forward.”