Our Services

Our focus

We provide a range of services aimed at fostering kindness to animals and informed, compassionate care. 

Online events

We've been leaders in online events since 2005, including Webcasts, Webinars, Virtual Conferences and more. We also facilitate online meetings. Contact us about your upcoming event. 

Remote coaching

Professional development coaching and training with our experts are within immediate reach no matter where you are, via online meeting or phone.  

Other capacity building

Training, technical assistance and other support services to enable non-profit groups and public agencies to be as effective as possible in their services and missions.  

Public education

Educational forums and programs to better inform the public on issues and topics that affect the well being of animals. 


Our services have received "rave reviews" from those we have supported across the country. As just one example,  CLICK here for testimonials on our online events.